Patrick Lindsey

Patrick Lindsey

Kanzleramt / Suara / Harthouse

Everything started up with a “C64” at Bad Nauheim. Together with his former classmate Anthony Rother, Patrick Lindsey gained his first computer experience and fulfilled his dream of “self-made produced music.” In 1994, he already published the very first release on Heiko Laux’s label Kanzleramt and also released on the legendary Frankfurt based Harthouse label. Two years later, he had his personal breakthrough with “Malephonk” (Harthouse No. 100) and “Phonkschool” on School Records, which is the unofficial forerunner of his current label “Funkwelle”. Monika Kruse recognised his outstanding feeling for synthetic generated music and both had an intense collaboration lasting from 1997 until 2006. Throughout this span he published under his pseudonym “Voodooamt,” an allusion to his Kanzleramt past, several Terminal M releases, and also got to know Gregor Tresher with whom he released two EPs.

Over a long period, Patrick Lindsey has developed a well-deserved reputation as a forward-thinking dance music maker. He’s also become a highly regarded tastemaker, DJing quite literally in every German club; pushing electronic experimentation in his own music. Alongside Ciri Ceiver, Heiko Laux and others. Patrick has written history when it comes to the challenging and unique side of the Frankfurt sound. His amazing feel to communicate with music has made him attractive for the producers of now. He has his own label set up called Funkwelle and has been producing Monika Kruse’s music on Terminal M for a longer period.

Patrick has recently released music on Hideout, Suara, Systematic, Phil Kieran’s Rec, Dubfire’s label SCI+TEC. He has also done remixes for Radio Slave, Phil Kieran & Green Velvet, Adam Beyer, Marc Romboy, Thomas Schumacher and Oliver Huntemann.

Patrick Lindsey is not that kind of artist who likes to hide behind the mixing-console performing isolated. It’s about his friendly and extroverted personality always trying to be as close as possible to the crowd constantly motivated to rock the “house” with them together. Lindsey..s DJ-style is defined by precise mixing, endless transitions and perfect arranged “cuts” and “effect-sequences”. In 2002, the project “Bad Pimps” came into existence where Lindsey and is Belgium friend Stanny Franssen a.k.a. G-Force primarily focusing on mixing techno-tracks with other music influences like “Chicago or Booty-House, James Brown, Herbie Hancock or the Beastie Boys, to name just a few. 3 turntables, 3 laptops, 2 cd-players plus the necessary live-act-equipment create an extraordinary party-feeling where both the djing- and live-act-component are performed as one harmonious flow resulting in a fresh experience with a huge portion of “funk”. It doesn’t play a role if Patrick Lindsey is performing as a solo-artist (since 1994) or as a team-player: He wants to deliver a unique show demonstrating his well-developed skills in the field of hardware and software, night by night.

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