DTMIX130 - Michael Wells [London, ENGLAND]

DTMIX130 - Michael Wells [London, ENGLAND]



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London based Michael Wells heads the Weekend Circuit label that has featured artists such as Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Developer, Pär Grindvik and Francois X, is already a special destination for finding awesome Techno. Pounding rhythms and atmospheric trips are his chosen vice, complimented by the odd broken beat and abstract style give this exclusive mix a unique character all of it’s own. A mastermind at work here, with plenty of brain dancing that features music by the likes of Echologist, Oscar Mulero, Lucy, Function, Cassegrain, Edit Select and many more…

Tracklist :

01. JAMIE HAUS & CSGRV : alpha [Planet Rhythm]
02. ECHOLOGIST : nature control [Atrophic Society]
03. EVIGT MÖRKER : apostat [Semantica]
04. LIGOVSKOI : dilip (Antigone & Francois X Remix) [DEMENT3D]
05. KWARTZ : resolution [Order & Devotion]
06. CHRISTIAN WÜNSCH : microorganisms [PoleGroup]
07. YYYY : redundance [Unreleased]
08. DEVELOPER : ancient modernists [Developer Archive]
09. OSCAR MULERO : black rebel [Warm Up]
10. VOHKINNE : battery (Ben Sims Remix) [Atrophic Society]
11. LUCY : falling empire [Mote Evolver]
12. CHRISTIAN WÜNSCH : white coats (Function Mix) [Tsunami]
13. FUNCTION : variance 4 (Regis Edit) [Sandwell District]
14. CASSEGRAIN : skull gun [Arcing Seas]
14. TENSAL : inertia 4 [Kynant]
16. SUBJECTED : ambro (Acronym Remix) [ARTS]
17. EDIT SELECT : how we fall [Semantica]

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