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DTN | Support the website

Firstly, I’d like to start off by saying thank you for all continued support from around the world. It’s truly a blessing when people send me messages and comments appreciating the endless work that goes in to running and maintaining this website.

We don’t deal with techno trend hype, viral videos, or click-bait parlour tricks. This is something I personally can’t stand, it frustrates me no end, and although it may be the way many other websites/brands gain huge followings in a short space of time, I refuse to join this method and try focus on providing independent, exclusive, original content that we are very proud of and that enriches the scene in the process.

Time is more and more precious these days and we try to provide new posts regularly with love and affection for the music, being a platform to inform first time visitors to serious stalwarts of why we would recommend something. We only post what we like and that we find interesting enough to share, where of course more content would be amazing to provide.

Recently deathtechno.com has reached a milestone of 14 years and the drive to keep it up in this time has not wavered, although a better balance in my personal life has been sought that I hope many can forgive. I have funded everything since the beginning from my own pocket and I am now officially self-employed in the music industry, which means things need to generate income to be worth my while to simply survive… as cliché as that may sound, I hope you can understand that it is also not a joke.

After deliberating for many years now, I have decided to accept payments for content we post with a view of showing appreciation to what we provide to the techno scene and music industry as a whole.

Please know that any help would be greatly appreciated and be reinvested into the project by involving with opportunities that are not currently possible.

There are a few ways you can support us that are listed below…

01. Sending a one-off payment of any amount to the PayPal.Me page…

02. Send a payment directly via your PayPal dashboard or iPhone / Android app using the below email address…

= moc ] tod [ onhcethtaed ] ta [ selas

03. Selecting a PayPal subscription method as listed below from the dropdown menu and following the SUBSCRIBE button…

Option 1 - £1 GBP Weekly
Option 2 - £3 GBP Monthly
Option 3 - £30 GBP Yearly

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