DEADCERT060 - Saurio - Paradox Protocol

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DEADCERT060 - Saurio - Paradox Protocol

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen previous releases feature artists including Petter B, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, Eomac and more.

Felipe Párraga aka Saurio is an emerging artist from Bogotá, Colombia who returns to DEAD CERT. with a four-track EP following outstanding VA appearances that included hypnotic trips such as “Cheap Metaphysics” and “Algerian.” His music has also been featured on labels like Bruno Ledesma’s Concepto Hipnotico, Syrte aka Stefan Weise’s Science Cult, Diffuse Reality, Warok Music, Korpus 9, Parabola and more.

Opening with “The Nocturn,” the abstract sound design is as bizarre as it is catchy and tense all at once. Setting an unmistakable mood of creativity and function, this crazy weapon is ready to melt all corners of the dance floor.

“Ethereal Boundaries” presents a more delicate and hypnotic approach. Using quirky, tribal percussion and shimmering notes around droning elements and a chugging bassline it has an engrossing, dystopian aesthetic.

The third of four tracks launches straight into a raw, thundering groove on “Reptoid Moon.” A volatile and intense juggernaut that captivates the mind with its slicing, mechanical and modular groans creating a moody, mesmerising vibe.

Closing with “Corrupted Light” and its ripping style made of powerful rhythms, this sonic tapestry is avant-garde as well as purist. Phasing and sweeping foundations add a dark, sci-fi feeling alongside cyclical elements for tremendous impact.

Supported by…

A.Paul, Abstract Division, Alessandro Grops, Alexander Kowalski, Alexi Delano, Amotik, Anika Kunst, Antonio De Angelis, Arjun Vagale, Arnaud Le Texier, Atesh K, BCR Boys, Bernardo Hangar, Biemsix, Bloody Mary, Booz, Bruno Ledesma, C-System, Carl Craig, Charlotte de Witte, Chlär, Cristian Varela, Dave Clarke, Dave Ellesmere, Dave Wincent, Dax J, DJ Ogi, DJ Wank, DVS1, Echoplex, Esther Duijn, Fhase 87, FLAWS, Forest People, Gez Varley, GO!DIVA, Hertz, Juan Trujillo, Juho Kusti, Kaiser, Kane Roth, Kangding Ray, Kmyle, Kwartz, Larix, Laura van Hal, Lerio Corrado, Lindsey Herbert, Luca Maniaci, Manic Brothers, Marcel Dettmann, Marco Bailey, Marco Bruno, Marco Lenzi, Mark Morris, Massimo, Mathys Lenne, Max Gardner, Mike Derer, Moog Conspiracy, Mutecell, Ø [Phase], Oliver Ho / Raudive, Oliver Rosemann, Pan-Pot, Raymundo Rodriguez, Rebecca Delle Piane, Richie Hawtin, Ritzi Lee, Sam Paganini, Sandrien, Secret Cinema, Shlomi Aber, Slam, Stephan Krus, Stephen Disario, Takaaki Itoh, Temudo, Tensal, TWIST3D, Vakat, VII Circle, Wldrz, Yant, and many more…


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