DEADCERT057 - VA - Ubiquitous I

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DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the project ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen previous releases feature artists including Roberto, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, Eomac and Petter B.

The ‘Ubiquitous’ series starts a new chapter and continues to showcase individual tracks from a selection of handpicked artists. Featuring known and established artists, but also those breaking into the industry.

This EP contains quality cuts from Saurio in Colombia, Pyramidal Decode from Italy, Sejon in Portsmouth UK, and Fresko who is based in Portugal.

DEADCERT057 - VA - Ubiquitous I

01. Saurio - Algerian

Felipe Párraga aka Saurio is an emerging artist from Bogotá, Colombia and who has featured music on labels like Bruno Ledesma’s Concepto Hipnotico, Parabola and Hxagram. “Algerian” is a moody and spaced-out track with a haunting depth and hypnotic funk.

DEADCERT057 - VA - Ubiquitous I

02. Pyramidal Decode - Axes

Italian Francesco De Marzo aka Pyramidal Decode returns following a couple of appearances on DEAD CERT. and his last EP that came with a Kirk Degiorgio remix. He has also released on Fernanda Martins’ Devotion, Vegim’s TMMR, Subsist, and Alleanza. “Axes” is a perfect blend of a strong, yet floaty, modular trip that transports you into the cosmos while remaining firmly grounded on the dance floor.

DEADCERT057 - VA - Ubiquitous I

03. Sejon - Gear

Chris Jones aka Sejon is from Portsmouth, UK and brother to the well-known Operator. His music has also landed on Lewis Fautzi’s Faut Section, Etichetta Nera as well as his own newly launched label V1 Records. “Gear” is a stunning, uptempo techno ride with a deep, rolling soul and subtle tribal influence.

DEADCERT057 - VA - Ubiquitous I

04. Fresko - Hypochondria

Francisco Barahona aka Fresko is a fresh artist talent from Portugal, who returns after his recent DEAD CERT. EP and releasing his debut album on HAYES, ran by a collective including Temudo, Nørbak and VIL amongst others. “Hypochondria” is a wild and abstract take on techno that’s full of creativity and character using its obscure elements to deliver a unique piece of sound design.

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