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DT:Feature | Re:Axis

One of Portugal’s highly prized producers and always inspiring with his creations, Re:Axis is no stranger to mixing up his sound and engaging new genres into his music. His works can be found on his own Monocline to well respected Dutch imprint Planet Rhythm, and he is capable of crafting a variety of techno from hypnotic, club weaponry to sparse and spacey, ambient explorations.

> 01. Which artists and genres inspired you to start producing music?
Back to the year 2000 artists like Monolake, Alva Noto, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Fennesz, inspired me to start producing in a more ambient/experimental way. Then in 2004, when Hélder and I started the project it was Donnacha Costello, Akufen, Jan Jelinek, Thomas Brinkmann, to name a few.

> 02. What production hardware or software do you get the best results from and what does it bring to your work?
At the moment, like it was in the beginning, I’m just using Ableton Live software with samples and VST’s. It brings me infinite possibilities, freedom to open and find myself in creativity.

> 03. Which track from your own back catalogue are a staple in your DJ/Live sets?
I would say it’s “Beyond Illusion” from my latest vinyl release on Planet Rhythm.

Beyond Illusion” [Planet Rhythm] (2021)


> 04. What aspect do you enjoy the most from working in music?
Music, the sound is a super strong and an invisible energy language that can create realities and manifest everything that we know. To work on that vibrational field with passion and share it with others is the most enjoyable part of it.

> 05. What would you change or improve about the music industry and/or club culture?
We need to experience so we can all get that wisdom.
There is no mistakes, all is part of the process.
To do it with a truth and lovely intention is the key for me.
Knowing that you reap what you sow. What would we like to plant…?

> 06. What’s your passion outside of making music?
Energy healing, meditation, being in nature.

> 07. Where has been one of your most enjoyable gigs to date and what made it so special?
The last one is always the best to me. But I can remember a 5/6 hour set a few years ago at the beach. Maybe it was the most special to date. Because of the sun… sand, the sea, all the people around dancing like a family.

> 08. Which tracks by another artist have really caught your attention recently?

Placid Angles - “Beauty Begins With Us (Feat. Malibu and Baby Blue)” [FIGURE] (2021)

> 09. Which artists do you keep a close eye on and rate highly for the future?

I’m really into guys like Kangding Ray, K.T.S., Christian Bloch, DEAS, Fragment Dimension, Altinbas.

> 10. What forthcoming projects or releases are we yet to see?
I’m finishing a new and more ambient/breakbeat album for the beginning of 2022.
A couple of remixes and a new EP coming soon too in a few months.

Thanks for the invitation. All the best. :)

Re:Axis - The Return of Happiness

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