DTR | Peter Van Hoesen - Illusions of Contribution - C91004

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DTR | Peter Van Hoesen - Illusions of Contribution - C91004

Known for appearances on the effervescent Tresor, Dekmantel, Ostgut Ton and a multitude of other fine imprints, he can also be found remixing the likes of Psyk, Ø [Phase] and Mount Kimbie. Aside his monumental back catalogue, Peter Van Hoesen has focused a lot of his music on his own Time To Express over the years.

One of today’s most exciting artists and producers, his tracks sway and swirl into genre-bending gratification of creative masterclasses and the rawest cuts of techno heaven. His latest EP Illusions of Contribution is a three track knock out and fourth release on his new Center 91 project launched last year, that seems to be yet another creative outlet styled around his ’90s Belgian, underground influences.

Opening with the title track “Illusions of Contribution” erupts with energy from a pacey kick and plenty of elasticated sonics, presenting a mind bending journey of fascination.

Exit Strategy” is the second work here, that is driven by a low-end bassline and tom drum ripple surrounded by delayed, spacey atmospherics and morphing modular accents. Introspective and experimental, this encapsulates subtle progressions and intense builds that make it a go to DJ tool.

Closing with “Three Steps Forward” that many may overlook with its angular, abstract tones. The chunky, sturdy, rhythm is highlighted by raunchy metallic licks that sound like a downward spiral into the dark abyss… obviously meaning it’s nothing less that absolute treat for the ears to explore.

Another inspiring release from a man who clearly strives for greatness and thinks outside the box at every turn, digging deeper with his prolific and bountiful production selections.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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