DTR | Rove Ranger ‎- 101010 EP - LT068

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DTR | Rove Ranger ‎- 101010 EP - LT068

Germany’s Rove Ranger is an artist new on the Death Techno radar, but his new four track release on Lobster Theremin has certainly got us paying attention.

Still a relatively new artist, Rove Ranger only has a handful of releases under his belt, but on hyped labels like Lobster Theremin and 1Ø Pills Mate it’s clear this is only the beginning for someone who has a big future ahead of him.

101010 is the title of the rather exceptional Lobster Theremin release that opens with a dated track title, which we can only assume was an important year for the artist unless the title is a nod to the ’90s influence of the tracks style.

1998” has a ’90s style percussion loop as its core, with thick congas and tinny hi-hats and a chunky kick drum holding the tempo. Smooth pads, mechanical hi-hats and a fast-flowing ride symbol are all added to lift the intensity and deliver a high-paced groove perfect for the dance floor. The pads keep it deep until the half way point where stabbing vocal textures and claps lift it up a gear and it delivers a short onslaught of explosive energy, before the pads are reintroduced to wrap the track in a blissful warmth that leads to a rather eloquent ending.

Next up is the title track “101010” which is relentless from the first beat, with its kick drum being the dominant force underpinning dark and hypnotic synths that slowly modulate to gradually swell and ripple with tension. It’s slow and purposeful structure lifts at around the half way point with the introduction of a low-end percussion part and ride cymbals. High-paced with a fast tempo and hypnotic groove, it’s a great set building track for DJ’s that want to lift the energy while leaving some head room to take things up another notch.

In My Mind” takes its title from a ravey vocal sample that compliments the hardcore style breakbeat that’s an undeniable throwback to decades gone by and the birth of the rave scene. Gritty and almost distorting, the kick drum holds together a medley of parts including the aforementioned elements and a poignant melody section. This is a very distinctive cut for those who want something a little different, it’s laid back mood is also a nice contrast with the 140 BPM techno making it a great DJ tool for transitioning between styles.

Schaltkreis” closes out the release with a trippy synth line that runs throughout the track with gradual tweaks and manipulation to keep the ear engaged. At times almost euphoric, but also dark as hell, the contrasting moods really do create an enthralling atmosphere of excitement. This could even be an instance of the best being saved ’til last, as for some this will no doubt be the highlight of the release, but that could be said about all the tracks on the EP, as each is a stand out piece of techno that could easily be considered an “A” side on many other releases.

- Reviewed by Jamie W. for deathtechno.com

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