DTR | Holldën - Infinity Pools - KN013

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DTR | Holldën - Infinity Pools - KN013

Portuguese artist Miguel Duarte aka Holldën is someone we have been following for some time, and in 2020 he was welcomed to our own DEAD CERT. Records with his stunning Moonscope EP showcasing a quirky tapestry of sonic satisfaction with its raw, brooding, analogue sound.

Since then, he has continued to climb the ranks with his music arriving on the likes of Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien, Paul Ritch’s Quartz Rec, and Pan-Pot’s Second State amongst many other great imprints. Seeing his rise to prominence has been certainly fascinating to follow.

His latest EP titled Infinity Pools is on his own outlet Kuiper Noise and starts with the title track’s up-tempo barrage of energy and well-crafted layers. Using a combination of synth tones to create frantic motion, he incorporates delicate melodies to add some flair to the driving ethos.

Ruby Sands” is an altogether different experience with a more haunting and tense beginning. At the midpoint, the break focuses on a dreamy broken beat, adding emotion to the palette before riding off into the sunset of sun-drenched synths.

Third on offer is “Faith Healer” that wastes no time to jack with a feisty tom, hat flurry and cymbal workout. A muffled vocal adds another twist to its make up, as well as water-like elements of abstract sound design.

Odd Man Out” is essentially a broken rhythm with lashings of analogue splashes and intricate groove-making features. Later there are floating, melancholic chords and space for parts to shine, creating a sweeping, cloudy dreamscape similar to a classic Warp Records style.

This release is an interesting foray into a diverse selection of techno, that will appeal to varying tastes and desires as well as surprising along the way with its creative values.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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