DTR | Emmanuel - Presents. “Stealth” - STEALTH001

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DTR | Emmanuel - Presents. “Stealth” - STEALTH001

Emmanuel‘s label has always had a forward-thinking approach to techno that is not afraid to try new ideas or a different approach. This makes it exciting to hear each new release, as sometimes ARTS surprises us with something rather special or a little unusual.

The new release titled Emmanuel Presents. “Stealth” is certainly true of the above, as it’s an underground release with an opening track “Nu Trance” that pays homage to ’90s trance with a bit of flute mixed in. Written down, we know that sounds like an odd combination, but somehow Emmanuel has made it work with some fast-paced industrial percussion tying everything together.

Nu Trance might take a couple of listens before it properly sinks in, and it’s definitely a love it or hate it piece of music that will draw a strong reaction from most people, but having tested it in a couple of DJ sets I think it’s a really useful tool that can add some great contrast to an otherwise linear mix.

Track two “Camouflage” is my personal favourite on the EP, as after a dramatic start with shouting vocals and breakbeat bursts it settles down into a rather magnificent chord progression. Another great track for shaking up a DJ set, it has a variety of different sections that keep you on the edge of your seat not knowing exactly what to expect next, which also translates into an exciting dance floor experience that could pull and entice someone back into the room.

Accelerator” has an old school flavour with hardcore style breakbeat percussion reminiscent of a ’90s warehouse rave. Also throwing in some melancholic pads to create a tranquil top layer over the bass heavy bottom end, it’s got a poignant style full of nostalgia that the older heads will appreciate as much as the younger generation who like its retro appeal.

Closing out the EP is “Presage” which tips its hat towards the iconic style of people like Burial with a cinematic atmosphere and thought provoking vocals fused with chunky percussion. It’s overall dusty ascetic and grainy sound adds to its personality to give the audio impression of an old black and white photo.

Although this release has been put out under Emmanuel’s usual alias, the title certainly suggests that we can soon expect some ARTS releases done under the moniker of Stealth, and you can be sure that we will be looking out for those appearing in the near future.

- Reviewed by Jamie W. for deathtechno.com

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