DTR | ANEW - Airfoil (James Ruskin Remix) - ANEW008

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DTR | ANEW - Airfoil (James Ruskin Remix) - ANEW008

ANEW Records is a label that has been focused on solo track releases from its secretive owners who also use ANEW as their artist alias.

Steadily building momentum with DJ support from names like Rrose, Cleric and Dave Clarke, ANEW have changed up the formula for their label’s latest release inviting legendary UK techno producer James Ruskin to remix “Airfoil” from their recent back catalogue.

The original version was released in December of 2019 and this remix gives it a new lease of life, as James Ruskin certainly delivers the goods with this one.

If you are already familiar with the Blueprint label heads tracks such as “Dependant Stage” or “Slit”, then this remix is definitely for you, as once again he pulls out the winning formula of combining broken beat percussion with a rather meaty bass hook.

With grainy edges and dark atmospherics creating a shadowy atmosphere, he then brings the funk with the bassline. Raw and analogue, the tracks steady momentum builds with intensity and suspense as it moves towards the eerie breakdown that gets nice and twisted before introducing a gliding pad.

A master crafted piece of music, this is definitely one for the heads as its avant-garde elements blend perfectly with the gritty aggression of its groove to present an all-engulfing listening experience perfect for club or home listening.

We are extremely excited to hear more from ANEW and see if this remix is the first of more to come.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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