DTR | Alex AQ - Dry / Stab Machine (incl. Plural & Larix Remixes) - VVR095

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DTR | Alex AQ - Dry / Stab Machine (incl. Plural & Larix Remixes) - VVR095

Sometimes an EP just works with all the right ingredients effortlessly at play, and the world of techno never ceases to amaze me of its worldwide appeal easily bringing all walks of life together.

The Brazilian label Válvula Records began releasing music in 2009 and the 95th release features original music by Alex AQ from Paraguay, and includes remixes by Plural based in America, and Larix from Poland.

Dry” is the highlight overall for me, an interesting and rolling melody over a 909 style raw rhythm does the job perfectly and that would light up a club with a twisted sense of mischief.

The Plural remix has an instantly cavernous, stripped back sound, where a more hypnotic and atmospheric based aesthetic comes into the equation, using subtle tones to peak out of the punching, unapologetic beat.

The second original “Stab Machine” launches into action with a tough kick and swirling mania. Intensity is the vibe on this one, as waves of audio pressure unfold before a well earned breakdown provides just the right amount of relief towards the very end.

Closing the four tracks is the Larix remix, focusing on a tick-tock melody as the lead over a jackin’ stomp. Raw and looping, there’s a warm wall of droning sonics that add a haunting feel and very subtle tweaks in the details that deliver well.

The release is a solid pack of functional takes with just enough variation to appeal to a number of DJ styles across the board.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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