DTR | Antonio De Angelis - Inalare EP - DISC002

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DTR | Antonio De Angelis - Inalare EP - DISC002

London based Antonio De Angelis has a catalogue spanning quality imprints such as Children of Tomorrow, Dynamic Reflection, Weekend Circuit, and Affin to name only a few. Making his debut on Spanish label Discográfrica 71 with Inalare EP it’s also their second vinyl and bandcamp digital exclusive release.

The opening track “Inalare” has the most relentless backbone of the four on offer, combining a thundering beat with melancholic chimes wrapped up in a provocative sense of wonder that fans of someone like Inigo Kennedy will feel instantly akin too.

Second up is “Infinito” which begins with a looming sense of suspense and subtle sound additions throughout. Progressive and patient, the masterful melody invokes emotion and clear musicality from his precise production aesthetic.

Levigare” is a slightly softer stance using spiky modular tones to create a tense atmosphere that morph and expand at times along with a more jovial undercurrent to its makeup.

Closing out is “Intermedio” that opts for a more ambient and electronica angle. Sparse kicks and droning tones drip over a slow-mo groove, appearing to pulse and generate electric charges in a dystopian soundscape fit for a sci-fi film.

Make no mistake, Antonio De Angelis is a on a journey of self discovery as his unique exploration of techno forever matures and continues to hit new highs, pushing boundaries and his own artistry with every new collection he puts out into the world.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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