DT:Premiere | Giorgio Gigli - Light And Entropy [Eclectic Limited]

DT:Premiere | Giorgio Gigli - Light And Entropy [Eclectic Limited]

With a home base between the cities of Rome and Utrecht, Eclectic Limited is a vinyl and digital platform releasing music by artists such as Ontal, DJ Surgeles, Radial, Ken Karter, Ryuji Takeuchi and Lag for example, with a clear acceptance of many styles of techno.

The fourth release titled Moving Through Time EP comes from influential Italian Giorgio Gigli along with a ethereal effort from Finland based Samuli Kemppi. Giorgio very much follows his own path of discovery, always creating interesting ideas and compositions to be admired.

We selected the second track “Light And Entropy” for this DT:Premiere for its electro beat that’s lashed with plenty of flavour from delays and plenty of sonic pulses. Not just a straight forward schooling in production class, the somewhat aggressive and hypnotic sound is met with deep and emotional chords that transform the overall feeling into that of a melancholic masterpiece.

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ECLLTD004 - Giorgio Gigli - Moving Through Time EP

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