DTMIX045 - Dirty Blonde [Toronto, CANADA]

Death Techno - Dirty Blonde

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Presenting new talent is something DT enjoys doing. Hilary has been following our mixes for quite a while and the time was just right as her career is picking up speed, gaining many regular gigs around Canada and America. She’s provided a peak dancefloor treat with a wonky minimal twist that changes up steadily throughout. Production is something she’s been working on and no doubt will succeed at as she drives on…

Tracklist :

01. HOBO : south endian [Minus]
02. ADRENOLINOMAN : third eye (Matt Minimal Remix) [Enter]
03. THE OXYGEN JUNKIES : dark as fuck [Substudio]
04. SPEKTRE : turbine (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
05. PAN-POT feat. G-TECH : gravity [Mobilee]
06. BART SKILS : dust [Tronic]
07. SLAM : hot knives [Paragraph]
08. SP-X : extract [Time To Express]
09. EMILOVE : the 4 species (Fely B Remix) [Substudio]
10. XPANSUL : saney reason [True Type Tracks]
11. CHARLES WIDMORE & DANIEL RAJKOVIC : quiet boy [Rrygular]
12. MATADOR : kenekt [Minus]

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