DTMIX162 - Rraph [Lublin, POLAND]

DTMIX162 - Rraph [Lublin, POLAND]

A&R for the respected Gynoid Audio label, Rraph is an established DJ, producer and event manager based in Poland. His close ties with the Elektrax brand allows for most of his output within its sub labels such as Translucent and Counter Pulse, but he can also be found supplying remixes and original tracks for the likes of Quant, Subraum, Illegal Alien or Kaputt amongst others. His exclusive set comprises of an overall dark edged sound, with hypnotic qualities and raw, analogue power. Tracks featured from Michal Jablonski, Astronomial Telegram, DYAD, Reeko, Planetary Assault Systems, NX1 and many more…

Tracklist :

01. MICHAL JABLONSKI : outer heaven [Newrhythmic]
02. ASTRONOMICAL TELEGRAM : keter [PoleGroup]
03. PIOTR KLEJMENT : supreme (Anomaly X Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
04. DYAD : akhoe [DYAD]
05. REEKO : animals fight back [PoleGroup]
06. PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS : desert races [Mote-Evolver]
07. LARS HUISMANN : blackout [Animal Farm Free DL]
08. SCHUW : purple knives [Struktur]
09. IN BAD HANDS : be yourself [KR/LF]
10. DIMI ANGELIS : bossanova [Illegal Alien]
11. T A K A : clenched fists [MORD]
12. TWAN : helical scan (RVDE Remix) [T/W/B]
13. JOKASTI & NEK : sinusoid [KR/LF]
14. NX1 : IA1 [Illegal Alien]

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