DTMIX158 - DJ Pete [Berlin, GERMANY]

DTMIX158 - DJ Pete [Berlin, GERMANY]

The term local legend is an understatement for DJ Pete, who can also be found under the alias Substance, as well as a duo called Scion, and label Scion Versions. His productions and remix credits include the likes of Surgeon, Scuba, Marcel Dettmann, Rrose, Function and Xhin only scratch the surface, as he is considered a key figure in the Berlin scene. The renowned Hard Wax store is where he mostly calls home, being at the epicentre of the cities growth for many years, he helps push it to new heights. This exclusive mix has tough and industrial concepts, together with some abstract takes and wild variations of sound as you would be right to expect the unexpected from such a seasoned crate digger. Tracks featured are from Dario Zenker, Sleeparchive, Tensal, D. Carbone, Tripeo, UVB, Stenny, Tommy Four Seven and many more…

Tracklist :

01. SPECIAL REQUEST : tiresias [Houndstooth]
02. JK FLESH : exit stance [Downwards]
03. DARIO ZENKER : to feel sweet [Ilian Tape]
04. SLEEPARCHIVE : 10 [Sleeparchive]
05. KASTIL : sacred voltage [Stale]
06. GARETH WILD : limehouse cut (VSK Break Remix) [EarToGround]
07. SLEEPARCHIVE : dividing the catch [Planet Rhythm]
08. SURGEON : setting the scene [Dynamic Tension]
09. TENSAL : artica maex [Tensal]
10. JK FLESH : bullied by love [Downwards]
11. SLEEPARCHIVE : 09 [Sleeparchive]
12. NIC ARAÚJO : pulsar (HMWU High Mobility Weapons Unit Remix) [Shape of Void]
13. APPARAT : king of clubs (LP Version) [Monkeytown]
14. D. CARBONE : test 67 [Green Fetish]
15. HODGE : recall [Hemlock]
16. BEN LONG : hermes [Advanced (Black)]
17. TRIPEO : untitled #15 [Tripeo]
18. CRESSIDA : deserter [Voitax]
19. DROP-E : dissonance II [AINE]
20. UVB : pressure me [Palicavonzvreca]
21. STENNY : fortress [Ilian Tape]
22. TOMMY FOUR SEVEN : the trace [47]
23. DISTANCE : untouchable [Chestplate]

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