Secretive Italian newcomer to be known as LATHE, has made a splash larger than most landing his first two solo EP’s on none other than the Be As One imprint, ran by now Barcelona based and guru Shlomi Aber. His tracks are raw dancefloor bombs with cunning style, quirky characteristics and a timeless flow. Impressing once again, his exclusive DJ mix includes unreleased gems from the man himself, side by side an array of heavy hitters such as Mike Parker, Donato Dozzy, Aiken, Eduardo De La Calle, Pris and Alex Bau amongst others…

Tracklist :

01. MIKE PARKER & DONATO DOZZY : meltini [Spazio Disponibile]
02. ELYAS : two point one [Olympian]
03. SINGULAR ANOMALIES : thank you cassini [Greta]
04. AIKEN : genetics [Non Series]
05. LATHE : melodic pulsa [Be As One]
06. EDUARDO DE LA CALLE : out of the blue [Be As One]
07. ISOLATED : subterranean [Credo]
08. LATHE : oblate spheroid [Unreleased]
09. PRIS : pulk [Semantica]
10. RHOMBIC : radon [DEAD CERT. Records]
11. LATHE : solar imaging [Be As One]
12. SINGULAR ANOMALIES : unsolved system [Greta]
13. LATHE : polar vortex [Unreleased]
14. PRIS : etiquette [Semantica]
15. ALEX BAU : scatted [Olympian]

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