DTMIX155 - Wlderz [Paris, FRANCE]

DTMIX155 - Wlderz [Paris, FRANCE]

Paris based pair Wlderz, formerly known as The Welderz, decided to hit the reset button in 2017 to move forward in a focused direction. Their back catalogue includes music released on Electric Rescue’s Skryptöm, Florian Meindl’s Flash, Emmanuel’s ARTS and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien just to name a few, and they continue to provide the scene with excellence. This exclusive mix is a lesson in patience and how to execute a build up and suspense, showing their many years behind the decks and why they are in demand. From dreamy electronica to raw techno, tracks featured are from Benjamin Mull, Cari Lekebusch, Leghau, Moteka, Marcel Dettmann, Terence Fixmer, Ctrls, Kobosil and many more…

Tracklist :

01. DEFAULTMAN & SAPURRA : shiza [made of CONCRETE]
02. AES DANA : low tide explorations [Ultimae]
03. AES DANA : borderline [Ultimae]
04. REFORMED SOCIETY : solar winds [made of CONCRETE]
05. BENJAMIN MULL & CARI LEKEBUSCH : moln live 2 [Moln]
06. LEGHAU : judgment [Knotweed]
07. MOTEKA : circularity [webuildmachines]
08. MARCEL DETTMANN : rush (Deep Release Remix) [Marcel Dettmann Records]
09. TERENCE FIXMER : striking patterns [Ostgut Ton]
10. LE MARTZ : clave [TMMR]
11. WLDERZ : agorafobia [Skryptöm]
12. GABRIEL D’OR & BORDOY : mental relay [AnalyticTrail]
13. SCAN X : heliosphere (Kolde Remix) [VOLPHONIE]
14. THOMAS HOFFKNECHT : sleeping cell [Unknown Territory]
15. MSLWTE : broken audio (17 Rework) [Noize Facility]
16. CTRLS : charge [Token]
17. KOBOSIL : 40000 L [Ostgut Ton]
18. KLAMER : the mind of rave [Industrial Techno United]
19. DYSPAL : broken lullaby [Unreleased]

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