Wlderz, is a techno project created in 2017 by Cyril and Jérémy, two Parisians guys respectively DJs and producers since the end of the ’90s.

Inspired by a lot of artists of all kind, in their production as on Stage, they love to tell a journey and making travel their listeners between Industrial tones, effective rhythms and hypnotic melodies.

Considered for their DJ set heights of energy, Wlderz also feel comfortable on Live act, in which they play their own tracks live, with an Acid Touch.

Previously known under their first Alias, “The Welderz”, After many gigs and releases from 2012 until 2016, Cyril and Jérémy decides to slow down voluntarily the rate of works.

They decided to begin an artistic change of direction which corresponds to the feelings which they feel and want to pass on.
This calm of a year being able to be similar to a break, was not one. They created many of new tracks in studio.

This desire for break and for a new start, also involves the evolution of their name “The Welderz” into: “WLDERZ”.
A beautiful mix of Techno and Electronica, full of sensations, energy and authentic feelings which is translated by EPs and album to come in the year 2017, with the French label: Skryptöm.

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