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808 Recordings (Label Boss) / Klockworks / Suara / Hotflush

Always in search of movement and emotion, this technocrat from Toledo (Spain) - with a clear Detroit and, by extension, Berlin influence - goes far beyond the model number of a drum machine or the famous 16 steps, and risks everything on a musical venture as complex as it is fascinating. For Yoikol, techno is much more than a simple music genre; it’s a way of life. We are dealing with someone who breathes and lives techno because his body demands it. His illness is music, and pushing these tech beats, which flow through his veins, beyond his physical limits is a kind of palliative and comforting therapy. Since 2000, he has been immersed in the DIY arts and as a producer, has seen his music published on platforms as important as Ben Klock’s Klockworks or the ubiquitous Suara Records label.

Yoikol has a sound that is difficult to categorize, part of a brave panoramic vision of 4×4, naturally but consciously distant from stereotypes, popular classics, and even timeless classics. His techno discourse runs from the very depths of the dense intensity of sound born in Detroit, through its “brother” house music from Chicago, to the mechanical futurism of acid and the arid and iron of industrial music. Yoikol is analog vs. digital, physical and mental, industrial and dark. Pads, atmospheres, and kicks are the “Holy Trinity” on which his entire techno imaginary rests, as a confessed lover and active militant of the classic Roland sound, TR-909 and TR-808.

His label, 808 Recordings, focuses on the production, publication, and distribution of techno - and related sounds - on vinyl and digital media. His releases have been constantly charted by top artists and regularly appear in the sales charts of the most important digital sales portals. Through his weekly radio program on Castilla-La Mancha public radio, 808 Radio, he has been promoting for 13 years all that eclectic electronic imaginary that is an inherent part of his daily and nocturnal wanderings.

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