DTR | Kamikaze Space Programme - Ballard EP - MOTE045

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The well known UK Techno label Mote-Evolver ran by Luke Slater, just released an unbelievable tribute to the fiction writer J. G. Ballard. Best known by his apocalyptic (or post-apocalyptic) novels from the early 60’s to the mid 80’s, to which Empire of the Sun (1984) was adapted into a 1987 film by Steven Spielberg.

The guy in charge of translating his high wire, suspense and hyper-modern aesthetics into rhythmic and incisive electronic music is non other than Kamikaze Space Programme also known as Chris Jarman from Bristol, UK. He has released on labels like Killekill, West Norwood Cassette Library and Mindcut for example.

High Rise” the opening track, is built around a shredding bass riff, where I can quickly taste what the rest of material will be like in this piece. Tonnes of synthetic percussion and a psychedelic feel that bring to life the fiction in question, where thoughts are forced directly through a mixer table.

The following tune is called “Low Flying Aircraft” with a more pounding low flow, an immense quantity of industrial hits, metallic stabs and raw top end, this will definitely put your mind to work. Hard not to imagine firing transistors and resembling the process of some funked up heavy duty machinery.

Concrete Island” speaks for itself, without living behind the intensity, it uses an offbeat base to create an urban atmosphere. A modern environment of noises and clicks with an outstanding organisation and huge bellowing synth cry.

Day of Creation” is a magnificent way to close this explosion of creativity, without putting aside the metallic sounds, this is deep and breathy showing quite a contrast to the previous tracks. A delicate way of translating drama in to music, subtle clicks and vibrating brakes encourage the mind and expands the senses.

It evidently proves that creativity fits perfect in Kamikaze’s work, where mysteries and dramas come together in a unique way, his style favours and boosts the imagination of any listener and reminds us that, there is no limit when composing.

- Reviewed by Juan Trujillo for deathtechno.com

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