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Death Techno - Nima KhakDeath Techno - Jesper Dahlbäck

Dropping their debut release in late 2014, the new project simply called SAND is the home of Swedish compatriots Nima Khak and Jesper Dahlbäck, also known here exclusively as the Swedish Naan Boys. Aside from a name that seems like a tongue in cheek suggestion, these chaps are some serious purveyors of Techno, as you may already know Jesper’s awesome alias The Persuader.

First up is “Overcharged” that lays down a warm blanket of hypnosis and into full throttle from the off. Steady beeps combine and add tension as it captivates your attention whilst the bass line squirms away underneath and the focus changes for a short moment. Subtle and sharp delivery on this one with a condensed sense of power.

Pathways” is a somewhat slimmer affair, gradually getting going and showing its true colours. A melodic lead develops with a much more laid-back and optimistic feel. The airy rhythms still provide an industrial hit, but this has much more of a warm up weapon characteristic, which is a nice contrast from the aforementioned effort.

The last on this triple threat is the title track “Hold Time” that succeeds in creating a very special mood. Delayed gritty synths with tantalising trails really draw you in to its fairly sparse yet groovy identity. The obscure sound combinations create an experience that when you listen attentively, pull you along for the ride. Again a lighter and floaty vibe that would be equally perfect for beginning or winding down a set.

Top notch tools for me and great to see these guys hooking up for what I think will become an essential, gem of a label.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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