DTR | Reeko - Barcelona #3:00am - SOMA439

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DTR | Reeko - Barcelona #3:00am - SOMA439
Reeko is one of the most consistent and intriguing contemporary Techno artists around right now, getting to see him play in London a year or so ago is certainly a treasured experience. With a home base in Barcelona, he has a strong bond to Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup and his own imprint Mental Disorder where he has most of his works. This time he racks up a new release on Glaswegian power house Soma.

Title track “Barcelona #3:00am” begins and as usual the details are everything in his work, a subtle and soothing, bouncing groove manages to hide away under the radar of a multi layered modular riff. A full sound, yet sparse feeling at the same time and of course a hypnotic sentiment complimented with panning chords create a whirlwind at its peak.

Flaming” shows a creativity in the shape of a killer tom roll to finish each bar and a deep muted sub bass pushes it forward. Eerie atmospherics from high pitched drones make the anticipation intense and fear of what’s to come, where crazy stretched out snares chop through the mix at times. A deep roller, it grinds on, but harnesses a funky euphoria also in the latter half.

A straight and throbbing kick starts “Heartbeat Error” with a wicked suspense in tow. It doesn’t take long for the crushed and tearing sounds to appear, transforming the sonic attitude completely into a peak time brute. It hits you in bursts, creating an organic wave like ride, as the odd dark roar gives a demonic dimension too.

Some of the finest production skills and ideas going, which is oddly no exception for this immense talent.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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