DTR | O’Fella - Cosmosis - OFRECLP001

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DTR | O’Fella - Cosmosis - OFRECLP001

Seeing new talent emerge from the UK scene is always important and refreshing as it reinvigorates our belief in techno culture itself and knowing the music being created stands the test of time by inspiring new creators. Bolstering a long line of artists who have crafted and influenced this country’s techno landscape such as Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin and Inigo Kennedy to name only a few, a talented producer named O’Fella drops his debut album Cosmosis today on his own self-titled label.

The project has great sonic ideas and an authentic sound that are not easy to come by, but Angus O’Ferrall aka O’Fella is showing his hand as an artist who has skills beyond his years.

Any new artist pushing through the noise is exciting and residing from Liverpool, it’s fair to say it’s quite a rare and very much welcomed sighting. The nearby city of Manchester is now a known melting pot in recent years with artists and DJs like Means&3rd, Yant, Kerrie and A.Morgan leading the charge there.

We dove into some highlights from his new long player, starting with “Extraneous” that has a bizarre and clicking beginning, while it builds a looming turmoil from quirky flutes and wooden hits. The tribal-influenced percussion is later met with extra shimmering notes and a thumping double-time kick to add some more menace.

Marching Melancholy” seems to have a nod to classic Warp Records sounds and in particular, the mighty Aphex Twin. Although reminiscent, it’s assuredly unique, and the raw kick under introspective, whirling drones mark a highly emotive struggle of dark and light emotions.

Syncopate Mentality” gets straight into it with a broken beat and jangly, dystopian chimes that give the impression of a futuristic car chase direct from a film soundtrack like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element.

Nearing the end of the album, “Magnets” dives into some Detroit-inspired vibes. Sounding like soultronica and harking back to the American epicentre of techno, the bassline groove is substantially seductive and simply irresistible.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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