DT:Premiere | Olēka - Ifrit [Krachtvoer]

DT:Premiere | Olēka - Ifrit [Krachtvoer]

Krachtvoer is the label from Dutch artist Kracht that has a focus on dark, tough beats from the likes of Kaylah, Ike Dusk and more.

Olēka is the alternate alias of Forest People, an established artist who brings influence from Bosnia & Herzegovina and has released on labels such as Mindcut, Scalameriya’s Genesa, Planet Rhythm, Green Fetish and Kill Ref’s KR/LF Records amongst many others.

For this DT:Premiere we selected the title track “Ifrit” that has no trouble kicking into a raw broken beat. Distorted, industrial hits are met with metallic percussion that is later lit up by an eerie synth and robotic vocal. There’s plenty of funk wrapped up in its edgy style too and can definitely be a weapon of choice for anyone wanting to expand their repertoire with a broken rhythm.

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KV005 - Olēka - Ifrit EP

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