DTR | HAL (& Perm) - MASA006

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DTR | HAL (& Perm) - MASA006
DTR | HAL (& Perm) - MASA006

MASA Series a Spanish bastion of vinyl and digital techno/electro exploration, unveils its latest audio expedition with the release of MASA 006. This entrancing EP delves into the artistic realm of Leipzig resident HAL who has graced labels like Inland’s Counterchange and Detroit Underground. Notably, it unfolds as a collaborative venture with HAL’s long-time friend and studio partner, the esteemed producer Perm, also from Germany, known for his contributions to labels such as Uncanny Valley, Sungate, and KANN.

The EP, a meticulous selection of tracks spanning from 2018 to 2023, showcases HAL’s prowess in the production realm, with some pieces resurrected from the hidden depths of long-lost hard drives.

The sonic landscape painted by their latest release is one of perpetual groove, magnetic synth-scapes, and saturated ambience. Throughout the trip, a warm sound envelops the listener, ensuring a timeless joy. This distinctive sonic palette seamlessly blends throbbing techno and dubby nuances, endowing each beat with a unique texture.

For example, “Ujë Shiu” takes a departure into more introspective territories. HAL’s solo endeavour explores a rain-soaked sonic landscape, with delicate droplets of sound cascading over a subtle, driving rhythm. The track is a testament to HAL’s ability to evoke emotion through sound, creating a contemplative space within the EP.

Omu” further explores the ethereal side of the EP, with HAL crafting a sonic journey that feels like a pilgrimage through the unknown. The track’s evolving textures and intricate melodic motifs contribute to the EP’s overarching theme of transcendence, inviting the listener to lose themselves in the sonic expanses created by HAL here.

Concluding with “Loon Garden,” a final solo piece by HAL that encapsulates the entire journey. The hauntingly beautiful melodies and intricate rhythms come full circle, creating a sonic tapestry that echoes the overall thematic elements. Loon Garden serves as a contemplative reflection on the excursion undertaken, leaving the listener in a state of awe and satisfaction.

This fantastic release has been supported by top the likes of influential artists such as Marcel Dettmann, Alexander Kowalski, Alexi Delano, Arnaud Le Texier, and Cristian Varela, Takaaki Itoh and more.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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