DTR | JC Laurent - Desert of Light - CIELO03

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DTR | JC Laurent - Desert of Light - CIELO03

JC Laurent is a name that resonates with the pulse of the French techno scene and has consistently proven himself as a maestro of sonic innovation and clubbing ecstasy. Hailing from France, his musical prowess and devotion to the genre have solidified his position as an essential figure in the global techno panorama.

Laurent’s influence extends to his role as a curator and Cielo Records label owner. His new label showcases cutting-edge releases that open the boundaries of conventional techno, reflecting Laurent’s commitment to pushing the envelope and embracing experimentation.

Starting with “Desert of Light” which is a strangely cavernous and hypnotic track with a straight beat and subtle changes to the bottom end, while all the action happens in the highs from shooting modular pulses and suspended electronic signals.

The second track on offer here is “TFTSTW” with a deep, tribal and IDM-influenced style, the breakbeat highlights add a whole new aspect to the impressive details that to many will be a unique experience of sound design.

Third on offer is “Conflict Attenuator” that is a brooding, abstract idea with a thundering and strong main kick drum that is relieved by some amen fills and deep, melodic chimes.

Palatization” is a rather bizarre approach to techno, yet very rewarding for this exact reason. Full of weird chops, hits and in essence audio experimentation, this is certainly an intricate and detailed creation for anyone searching for a weird and wonderful concept.

In an industry often characterised by trends, JC Laurent stands apart as a beacon of authenticity and innovation. His contributions to the techno scene cement his position as a visionary artist who continues to push the boundaries of sound and take techno aficionados on extraordinary audio voyages.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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