DTR | JC Laurent - All The Symbols - CIELO02

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DTR | JC Laurent - All The Symbols - CIELO02

Cielo Records is the new label from JC Laurent, a highly competent producer who has a well presented back catalogue of releases for the likes Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection or Coyu’s Suara. He also lists appearances on Deepak Sharma’s Hidden Recordings that have featured remixes by some favourite artists of ours such as New York native and modular maestro Mike Parker, Germany’s Oliver Deutschmann and Myles Sergé from Michigan, USA too.

Chemical Clouds” has an abstract techno style with lots of intricate details and sound design elements. Avant-garde and mysterious the breakdown allows it to breathe and show off more cavernous sounds and electrifying pulses.

All The Symbols” is a peculiar and almost downtempo trip with a steady kick and a medley of haunting notes that are paired with chopping elements, creating something like an outer space voyage at its core. Feeling like an intermingling sci-fi and tribal interpretation of techno, the short breakdown feels like an extra-terrestrial abyss before pushing forward with analogue force once again.

The third track “Ghidra” is a complex blend of abstract elements and surreal suspense with a dingy and overcast gloom that would not be a miss in an apocalyptic film scene. Dystopian and at times quite grinding, while also being experimental and extraordinary, this is certainly a standout piece of leftfield techno that many will appreciate.

Finally, “The Hymn” works an interesting mix of creepy sound design with pleasing technique by incorporating funky and dark layers. The bobbing, off-kilter tom drums and pulsing acid tones form an underbelly of solid consistency.

This totally off trend collection of work is unusual and rewarding to a seasoned techno listener and could definitely have enough power and be so different to inspire a new wave and approach or even sub-genre.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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