DTR | JC Laurent - Transparency - CIELO01

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DTR | JC Laurent - Transparency - CIELO01

JC Laurent is an experienced French producer from Nice who has played all around his home country as well as in other European countries such as Switzerland and Italy. Not only has he been a solid fixture of the French club scene, he has booked and played alongside a whole host of highly respected DJs like Marcel Dettmann, Tommy Four Seven, Cleric, Mike Parker, Peter Van Hoesen, Giorgio Gigli, Lewis Fautzi, and Lucy.

Cielo Records is the name of his new record label and Transparency is the inaugural EP to begin his latest journey following appearances on superb labels like Coyu’s Suara, Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, and Deepak Sharma’s Hidden Recordings amongst others.

Starting with “Prajna” and its excellent cyclical style made of sweeping delays and hypnotic drones over a steady thumping kick that has broken moments and abstract tones.

Expander” is the second track on offer. The classy and subdued sound make it one for the true techno heads, as it’s still no less of a club weapon. The stomping groove has a thunderous kick guiding it along then comes alive with the ping pong effect crescendos.

Transparency” has a wild sound that stems from a punchy kick drum and affects reminiscent of a film score like last year’s DUNE reboot. Sparse and haunting, its satisfying breaks and drops alongside a moody vibe create a real juggernaut.

Closing the EP is the IDM-influenced “Trikaya” with a whirlwind of percussion hits, breakdowns and somewhat mystical spirit. A charming exploration, it steps into a genre-bending and sophisticated style that will no doubt impress.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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