DTR | Arnaud Le Texier - Groove Maker - SUARA499

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DTR | Arnaud Le Texier - Groove Maker - SUARA499

Arnaud Le Texier, the veteran musician hailing from London, graces the esteemed Suara label with his latest offering, the Groove Maker EP. Released digitally, this four-track exploration showcases Le Texier’s formidable talent and diverse sonic palette.

Le Texier brings a plethora of experience to the table as the creator of the respected Children of Tomorrow label. His remarkable history, which features releases on prestigious labels like Slam’s Soma, Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Ben Sims’ Symbolism, and Christian Wünsch’s Tsunami Records, has solidified his stature as an essential player in the techno scene.

The EP launches in with “Relapse” which is a thunderous workout that features rising tension by the penetrative and repetitive lead stabs, also highlighting a subtle tribal tom tucked away underneath for a quirky edge. “Duty” follows suit, with a driving kick, metallic hits and textures of raw, analogue grit as it propels forward with overwhelming power.

Title track “Groove Maker” lives up to its name, offering a masterclass in detailed, groove-driven techno. An infectious, jackin’ rhythm and a morphing, hypnotic hook create an irresistible energy that is sure to ignite dance floors worldwide. Closing things out with track number four, “Singularity” has catchy percussion elements and popping effects that push the envelope with this leftfield take on techno that only someone as experienced as Arnaud can make work correctly.

A straight up club-laiden collection that will be a joy to drop on the club floor, Suara has selected four terrific cuts that exercise why they have a reputation as a go to label for tracks with an impact.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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