DTR | Lewis Fautzi - Methods of Nothing - POLEGROUP070

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DTR | Lewis Fautzi - Methods of Nothing - POLEGROUP070

Portuguese techno maestro Lewis Fautzi unveils his revered artistry in the Methods of Nothing EP, released under Oscar Mulero’s esteemed Spanish label, PoleGroup.

A label that has provided the platform for artists like Reeko to Jonas Kopp, Lewis Fautzi is a regular contributor too and who also runs his own Faut Section imprint and includes releases on Slam’s Soma, Bas Mooy’s Mord and Len Faki’s Figure.

Total Absence” kicks things off with a detailed intro using bubbling patterns that resemble something like an abstract underwater vessel, certinaly forms a unique approach. Throw in a saw-like tone that literally cuts through the layers, this balances raw elements with creative ingenuity.

The second cut “Paranoia” adds an even more thundering style to the collection. The cyclical tones and purposeful analogue grit builds into a showering of shimmering, morphing hi-hats to really bring this twisted groove to life.

Third of four tracks is “Ground Slate” which has a somewhat broken beat percussion pattern and a different intensity to those before, using understated atmospherics that are totally engrossing. Its sonar-style, modular articulation, adds even more depth to this highly dystopian cut.

The final track “Uncertainty” opens with an instant burst of power and energy. Opting for a more driving and pounding beat once again, it guides this sonic missile to new heights, while the sweeping and altering riff provides the attitude that will make it a discerning DJ weapon.

No doubt a huge no-filler selection of audio mastery, the latest pack of PoleGroup goodies is an absolute must check for any serious techno head.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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