DTR | Damon Wild - Cosmic Path - INF-024

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DTR | Damon Wild - Cosmic Path - INF-024

Damon Wild began his influence in the 80’s playing music around New Orleans and Chicago before moving to New York City in the early 90’s and began working at Sonic Groove Records in Brooklyn. Living in the basement house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with Joey Beltram and Frankie Bones, he had all the tools he would need for his future travels.

The Synewave label head has been releasing regular remixes and production contributions since for the likes of Missile, Naked Lunch, Kombination Research, Drumcode and many more.

Damon is now back with his long awaited third album following Downtown Worlds back in 2004 on Heiko Laux’s Kanzleramt and Colortheory on Music Man in 2001 respectively.

I asked Damon what it was that inspired this album for Infrastructure New York

“Well that’s a hard question, but I guess I had a surge of creative energy, so I just used it while it was there. I didn’t really know I had an album in the works until after about 8-10 tracks in a similar theme, so Dave (Function) said let’s do an LP. I didn’t plan it to be an LP until later, then it formed and molded into Cosmic Path”.

Cosmic Path is the new fifteen track collection of repetitive, raw, techno, complete with solid 909 percussions, freaky acid and a multitude of modular tones. Bound to be your new space travel soundtrack, there’s everything from haunting club jams to a full home listening experience, and it’s great to discover Damon’s latest audio masterpiece.

- Reviewed by Vitor Saguanza for deathtechno.com

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