DTR | Jeroen Search - Figure SPC Z - SPCZ

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DTR | Jeroen Search - Figure SPC Z - SPCZ

After a steady stream of superb releases since 2009, Len Faki‘s sister label project known as Figure SPC regrettably reaches it’s conclusive part, or letter as each release is known.

Having featured a diverse selection of artists and interesting collaborations such as Mutant Clan (Santos & Timo Maas), Ed Davenport, Heiko Laux, Steve Rachmad, Markus Suckut and ROD for example, it’s been an exciting and inspiring series to follow, full of gems and cracking beats.

The final offering, fittingly comes from the artist who also launched it and made many appearances, the influential and Dutch dignitary Jeroen Search, a man that won my heart and undivided attention many years ago after such a high consistency of great tracks.

So with the release of SPC Z commemorating the apparent final piece of the puzzle, we are treated to a double 12″ LP jammed with nine original works from JS. A variety of vices are in-tow ranging from the beatless spook-fest of “Not Just For The Young” to the deep, awkward, glitched out number called “Mudita” and rolling sub bass treat of “Fighting My Own Demons“.

In contrast, there are energetic licks such as “Karuna” or the jacked up and hooky “Upekkha” and the pretty relentless peak tearaway that is “Tensile Force“.

A true visionary and lover of creative sounds, Jeroen seems to hit the midas spot of functional floor movers, crossed with quirky and fun ideas that get me overly excited, that unlike some… is actually worth more than any hype.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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