DTR | Abstract Division - Contemporary Spaces - DREF028

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DTR | Abstract Division - Contemporary Spaces - DREF028

The winning Dutch duo of Paul Boex and Dave Miller strike again, releasing some new material last month as their influential alias Abstract Division on Paul’s own Dynamic Reflection appears once again.

Available in vinyl and digital format, the officially labelled double EP called Contemporary Spaces has a somewhat album idealism at play for me. It uses a technoid intro and outro as the opening and closing tracks to lure you in and bring you back down to earth upon completion. Overall it seems like an audio education when listened to top to bottom, pushing all the right buttons.

The dreamy scapes of “Passenger” create a deep and sensitive mood, where “Compulsive Disorder” has a more driving and determined stance with a buried aggression.

Immersion” is one of my picks for its rising and rolling style that could tear a club to pieces and amp up the pressure for the crowd. It’s skipping bassline provides a distraction from the mid highs and injects an exotic energy.

My next attraction was to “Encounter” for it’s stripped back hypnosis and sweeping delayed synths that act like interstellar spaceships. A perfect tool to switch up expectations and take a mix to new heights.

Track seven “Prime Radiant” has a funky and jackin’ sound that instantly made me move.

Future Existence” meshes drum roll fills with some spectacular sonic pulses generating a unique energy.

Key stabs, odd ball samples and acidic whirls light up “The Hunt” with what feels like a heated stare.

Tucked away in all the tracks is an emotive quality from the organic expansion and contraction of analogue effects that create an enrapturing hypnotic experience, with highly delicate and precise work on show.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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