DTMIX242 - Xhin [Singapore, SINGAPORE]

DTMIX242 - Xhin [Singapore, SINGAPORE]

Xhin (pronounced “sheen”) is one of Singapore’s most notable and enigmatic electronic music artists, creating his influential and avant-garde techno explorations since the late 1990s. Releases on leading labels such as Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts, Kr!z’s Token and Chris Liebing’s CLR, have showcased his ever-evolving, visionary sound design. Listing gigs all around the world including Berlin, Birmingham to Brisbane, and alongside luminaries like Blawan to Rrose, and Marco Bailey to Rebekah, he is a highly respected purveyor of innovation who creates immersive sonic experiences. This exclusive mix shows his love for diverse styles with raw, hypnotic machine-driven cuts to dirty, industrial flavours with piercing synths, while throwing in classic Detroit workouts for good measure. Tracks featured by Steve Stoll, Oliver Rosemann, UR, Umwelt, Jeff Mills and many more…


01. Greg Puciato - In This Hell You Find Yourself [Federal Prisoner]
02. Co-Fusion - Cycle (Buckfunk 3000 Mix) [Musicmine Inc]
03. JALA - 2605 [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
04. Nørbak - Tell Me I’m Wrong [PoleGroup]
05. The Blunted Boy Wonder (aka Steve Stoll) - Model T [NovaMute]
06. RNGD - GT40 [?]
07. Bob Semp - Soul Linkage [?]
08. Seddig - Kepler [Illegal Alien]
09. Lakej - Cognitive - Recall (Oliver Rosemann Remix) [Ucker]
10. DJ Zank - Wildians [U7 DJ Toolz]
11. Underground Resistance - Nannytown [UR]
12. Biomekanik - Tribalism [CyberBay]
13. Co-Fusion - Elm [Reel Musiq]
14. Nihx - N12 [Nihx]
15. Florian Meindl - Assembly Line (Umwelt Remix) [FLASH]
16. Lvca Leli - New Hovse [GENAU]
17. Roll Dann - Traps of Desire [Illegal Alien]
18. Dorbachov - Epoxy (CMPND (BE) Remix) [Scrap and Delete]
19. PEIX - Fobia (Töria Remix) [ANTIMODUS]
20. Romare - Taste of Honey (From the City) [Black Acre]
21. Unperson - Marchand Du Sel [Soma]
22. Antony Doria - Determine Wether [Mind Games]
23. Philippe Petit - XX 17 B2 [Molecular]
24. Cyrus - Enforcement (Jeff Mills Mix) [Basic Channel]
25. Stephen Brown - After Life [Djax-Up-Beats]
26. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (Malawi Rocks Main Mix) [Victor]

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