DT:Premiere | Diarmaid O’Meara - A Consistent Reinvention [UKR]

DT:Premiere | Diarmaid O’Meara - A Consistent Reinvention [UKR]

Photo: Skye Sobejko

UKR / Urban Kickz Recordings are based on the west of the USA in the known musical melting pot of Seattle with quite a wide ranging sound ethos. Lead by Roman Zawodny, the imprint lists many regular artists as the core sound such as Jon Kennedy and Lester Fitzpatrick, but has also seen contributions from the likes of Mark Broom, Energun, and Subfractal amongst others.

The latest EP welcomes Irish producer Diarmaid O’Meara who now calls Berlin home. Diarmaid runs Gobsmacked Records and has featured his dark, eclectic and much loved sound on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch, and Driving Forces for example.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is track two “A Consistent Reinvention” as it instantly stood out a must have track. Thundering kicks and a heavy bottom end get straight down to business along with an air of eeriness. The stuttering and chanting vox samples adds a lighter dimension, but it’s the huge, gothic sounding, synth stabs, and rolling melody that deliver a vibe fit to damage any club floor.

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UKR149 - Diarmaid O'Meara - Rusty Warehouse

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