DEADCERT049 - VA - Priority Mail 2020

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A hand picked selection of remixes from the DEAD CERT. back catalogue to start off the new year.

DEADCERT049 - VA - Priority Mail 2020

01. BYLLY - Carbon (Petter B Remix)

The BOND label boss Petter B supplies the first remix, a solid producer known for works on Cari Lekebusch’s H-Productions, Developer’s Modularz, Planet Rhythm, and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode. Petter B opts for a punchy remake of ‘Carbon’ that’s tough, rolling, and fully groove focused. Somewhat stripped back, the swelling sub bass and crashing hats make this a moody beast suited to those looking for a striking club version.

DEADCERT049 - VA - Priority Mail 2020

02. Rhombic - Radon (Robert S (PT) Remix)

The Robert Limited & Trau-ma label head throws his cap in the ring with a rough and ready cut. Robert S (PT) is known for releases on leading outfits such as FLASH, Sleaze, Planet Rhythm and Noir Music for example. Bursting with energy and dance floor power, this hectic take has attitude and quality written all over it.

DEADCERT049 - VA - Priority Mail 2020

03. William Arist - Allure (Antonio De Angelis Remix)

London based Antonio De Angelis brings his well respected sound to proceedings, following regular contributions to labels like Children of Tomorrow, Dynamic Reflection, Weekend Circuit and Affin for example. The remix from Antonio De Angelis provides a wonderful contrast with a dub influenced sonic flair. A master of hypnotic and melody rich rhythms, his quality shines through with emotional tones and total precision.

DEADCERT049 - VA - Priority Mail 2020

04. H. Paul - Clement (Jake Conlon Remix)

Jake Conlon is an underground sensation, his punchy and unique sound has seen him appear on Decoy, Martyn Hare’s Emetic and George Lanham’s Pareto Park. His music has already caught the attention of many techno peers and pioneers alike as he picks up new fans at every turn. Jake Conlon’s take on ‘Clement’ instantly succeeds in its own flamboyant style with jagged tones, its rough and raw nature is bursting with passion and drive.

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