DEADCERT046 - VA - Black Mail XIII

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The “Black Mail” series showcases individual tracks from a selection of handpicked artists. Featuring known and established artists, but also those breaking into the industry.

This EP contains quality cuts from Alex Dolby, Stephan Krus & Anthis in Italy, Phil Denton from Manchester and A4 who is based in Spain.

DEADCERT046 - VA - Black Mail XIII

01. Alex Dolby - Purple Rain

Frosinone, Italy is the home of Alex Dolby who music released on Emmanuel’s ARTS, DJ Emerson’s Micro.fon as well as Shinedoe and 2000 and One’s Intacto imprint. “Purple Rain” shows his eclectic side with an abstract and raw beat laced with dreamy tones.

DEADCERT046 - VA - Black Mail XIII

02. Stephan Krus & Anthis - Obelisk

Track two features Stephan Krus who has appearances on labels like Decoy, Naked Lunch, SK Black and here has created a special collaboration with fellow Italian Anthis. “Obelisk” is a masterclass of funk, suspense, creativity and aggression, wrapped up in pure sonic style.

DEADCERT046 - VA - Black Mail XIII

03. Phil Denton - Martinet

Manchester based artist Phil Denton makes his debut following tracks for labels such as Gobsmacked, Forte Techno and Audio Borderline. “Martinet” has a tough, rolling, old school sound that’s bursting with energy, grit and crazy character.

DEADCERT046 - VA - Black Mail XIII

04. A4 (ES) - Critical Assault

Breaking Spanish artist A4 (ES) returns after a solo EP on DEAD CERT. and an appearance on HD Substance’s SUB TL imprint with yet another stellar contribution. “Critical Assault” is a pounding cerebral trip with pulsing tones and hypnotic power.

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