DEADCERT044 - A4 (ES) - Major Arcana

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DEADCERT044 - A4 (ES) - Major Arcana

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen the previous releases feature music from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, and Petter B to name but a few.

Breaking new techno talent is a priority for DEAD CERT. and Asier Morillas aka A4 (ES) is another artist who joins the ranks from Spain with four powerful original works following an appearance on HD Substance’s SUB TL imprint.

His first full EP titled “Major Arcana” draws on an influence taken from Tarot cards, embedding a mystical experience in his music.

Starting off is “The Sun” that opts for a swirling, brooding tension with droning bleeps and lashes of hi-hats that create a spaced out sound full of hypnotic vibes.

“The Moon” shows a more jovial side to proceedings with a wobbly, warm bassline and complimenting acid licks followed by pin-point metallic accents.

Track three “The Star” is a thundering piece that has a driving groove as its focus. A humongous hook and abstract bell melody also captivate the airwaves with intrigue.

Last up is “The Devil” that reeks of intensity wrapped up in a sturdy, flowing beat. Using its obscure looping riff as the core architecture this is a peak time destroyer.

Supported by…

Adrien Bell, Aleja Sanchez, Anderson Noise, Anthony Jimenez, Antonio De Angelis, Arjun Vagale, Arnaud Le Texier, Axel Karakasis, Benjamin Damage, Border One, Brian Burger, Caleb ESC, Charlotte de Witte, Christian Gerlach, Cio D’or, Cristian Varela, Datura Dilema, Dave Clarke, Diarmaid O’Meara, DJ Hyperactive, DJ Pete / Substance, DVS1, Echoplex, Electric Indigo, Enrico Sangiuliano, Florian Meindl, GO!DIVA, Groof, H. Paul, HD Substance, Heron, Ian Axide, Jamaica Suk, Joaquin Ruiz, Johannes Volk, Jon Hester, Jonas Kopp, Joton, Kaiser, Kangding Ray, Kareem Cali, Keikari, Kemmi Kamachi, Kirk Degiorgio, Kloves, Korben Nice, Krenzlin, L.A.W, Larix, LATHE, Marcel Dettmann, Marco Bailey, Marco Effe, Margaret / Lady M, Mark EG, Nina Kraviz, Noncompliant, Patrick DSP, Patrick Lindsey, Pfirter, Quantic Spectroscopy, Radio Slave, Raphael Dincsoy, Ricardo Garduno, Roberto Clementi, Sasha Carassi, Slam, Sone, Stephanie Sykes, Svarog, STRISC, Submerge, Tim Xavier, Tom Hades, Under Black Helmet, Vinicius Honorio, W.I.R.E, Wrong Assessment, XHEI, Xpansul and many more…


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