DTR | Dominik Fröhlich - Nacht - HAKIRI007

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DTR | Dominik Fröhlich - Nacht - HAKIRI007

Hakiri Records is a relatively young label based in Nuremberg, Germany that has featured mainly releases by its owner Dominik Fröhlich who appears on nearly all the releases since launching at the start of 2021. He has also contributed collaborations with Gina Demarchi and remixed Paul&Deep on the label, as well as there being a solo EP from veteran producer MLZ (IT) in the back catalogue.

The latest five track offering comes from the chief navigator himself and Nacht visits a new world of sonic diversity, bridging genres of contemporary techno with breakbeat influences.

The title track “Nacht” opens with a majestic trip of dreamy soundscapes, sweeping pulses and an arpeggiated hook around chattering drums create a heartfelt experience. Next is “Izanagi” which has a more impatient style, fast-paced percussion is softened by whining synths and modular squeals. “Pentalpha” uses heavier drums and swelling bass tones to exact a brooding mood that later has digital textures adding to its intensity. Track four “Pandora” steps back into a standout mix of thumping, breakbeat sounds with chopped samples and a gothic twist via the chanting vocals used in this incredible piece. The closing track “Delusion” has an optimistic feeling of accomplishment with its thrilling sound design from a plucking bassline, machine feedback and intergalactic exploration.

A striking collection of seasoned works from a developing artist who seems to have an affinity for experimenting with interesting avant-garde ideas and pushing new ground.

- Reviewed by Jack! Who? for deathtechno.com

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