DEADCERT047 - Stephan Krus - Transcendental Curves

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DEADCERT047 - Stephan Krus - Transcendental Curves

DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the well known website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK. A diverse palette has seen the previous releases feature music from artists including Audio Injection / Truncate, Paul Mac, TWR72, Echoplex, and Petter B to name but a few.

Following his spectacular Black Mail XIII collaboration called “Obelisk”, Stephan Krus returns with a creative and diverse solo EP. Proving his production quality once again, he also has appearances on labels like Decoy, Naked Lunch, and SK Black.

“Cycloid” begins with a sense of drama and deep cerebral aesthetic, before the pulsing, hypnotic acid bursts through and it really picks up power and attitude.

Track two “Horopter” has an altogether straight and rolling groove of delayed sounds and a cavernous feel. Later getting into a riff of abstract metallic tones, this has a juxtaposition of serious vibe and jovial mood making it a choice DJ weapon.

Third on offer is “Catenary” that completely switches up the style, bringing a whole new freshness to the fray. Combining angular licks and rough industrial textures, it’s also laced with a gritty and dirty analogue funk.

To close the EP is “Isochrone” that skilfully harnesses a stuttering melody and plucking sonics with masterful precision. Brooding and tough, additional layers of sonic grunge raise it to intense heights of mind-twisting goodness.

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04LM, A.Mochi, Adrian Bell, Alex Dolby, Anderson Noise, Andy Martin, Antonio De Angelis, Arjun Vagale, Arnaud Le Texier, Axel Karakasis, Benjamin Damage, Brian Burger, Carl Craig, Concrete DJz, Cristian Varela, D.A.V.E. the Drummer, DJ Emerson, DVS1, Dykkon, Echoplex, Electric Rescue, Fabrice Lig, Fernanda Martins / Dot Chandler, Florian Meindl, Flug, Gotshell, H. Paul, HD Substance, Heron, James Ruskin, Joaquin Ruiz, Johannes Volk, Joton, Kaiser, Kemmi Kamachi, Kirk Degiorgio, Kloves, Larix, LISS C., Luca Agnelli, Marco Bailey, Marco Effe, Marla Singer, Matrixxman, Monocraft, Paula Cazenave, Radio Slave, Redial Tone / Vakat, Roberto Clementi, Rowka, Shkedul, Slam, STRISC., Sone, Takaaki Itoh, Temudo, Thomas P. Heckmann, TWIST3D, Unam Zetineb / UZB, Unbalance, Vegim, Vinicius Honorio and many more…


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