Born in Córdoba (Argentina) in 1986.

From childhood he showed an interest in electronic music, influenced at that time by albums that were heard by his older brothers, one of them was a DJ at the beginning of the ’90s.

It would not be until his adolescence that he would begin to learn guitar, which led him to learn to compose music of genres and styles very dissimilar to each other, as well as to execute other instruments.

Returning to the first love, he then dedicated himself totally to techno music and to give life to what he calls “Rhombic”, a name that shows its curiosity to the laws of physics and mathematics.

“Argentinian talent Daniel Graglia aka Rhombic makes his debut for DEAD CERT. following great releases for NuLabel, Subsequent and Eternal Drive, he also has an EP lined up for Trau-ma. Picking up support from the likes of I/Y, Dave Ellesmere, Pacou, Donor, Hemka and Luca Agnelli, Rhombic is certainly carving out a solid following.”

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