DT:Premiere | Rhombic - Slum (Juan Trujillo Remix) [Simplecoding]

DT:Premiere | Rhombic - Slum (Juan Trujillo Remix) [Simplecoding]

Buenos Aires based Simplecoding Recordings have been consistently putting out great packages since 2015, and where the upcoming thirty third release welcomes Argentinian talent Rhombic who turns in more quality tracks for his No Man’s Land EP.

Also providing remixes on the EP are O. Lopez Beat, label boss Juan Trujillo, and London’s Persohna.

The Juan Trujillo remix was selected for this DT:Premiere following his outings on DJ Hi-Shock’s Translucent, Counter Pulse and Re:Axis’ Monocline for example. His expertly crafted version uses a shuffling broken beat that swells with tension and power, whilst being full of hypnotic progression, a buzzing bassline hook, and additional sonic stabs.

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SIMC0033 - Rhombic - No Man's Land

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