Juan Trujillo

Juan Trujillo


Juan Trujillo is a Venezuelan producer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Caribbean soul and ’90s techno influence are some characteristics of the pounding/grooving techno he makes.

Label Owner of Simplecoding Recordings.
Frontman Management.
Reviewer @ deathtechno.com.
Producer / DJ / Mastering Engineer.

Juan began his musical career at an early age, studying stringed instruments round 1990. Audio technician, sound session drummer and drum tech. He has worked with numerous bands over the years, adding to his resume studio recordings, tour manager and stage manager of international punk bands.

His foray into electronic music started alongside his training in 1999 where he was quickly influenced by the European movement of the time, which was already steeped in punk and rock, like D.A.V.E. the Drummer, Chris Liberator, Lawrie Immersion, Mauro Picotto, The Advent, Massimo Cominotto, Joy Kitikonti and The Geezer to name but a few.

He started producing electronic music in early 2002, where he dabbled in genres such as house, deep house, techno and acid techno. Today his productions are influenced by sounds from Detroit and Berlin, where his releases can be found on labels worldwide name as:

43 Recordings, Achromatiq, Elektrax, Translucent, Take More Music, Monocline, Achromatiq, Connective Records, Solid Groove Records, DEAD CERT. Records, FORMAT, Shadow Music Recordings, Black Brook Records, 7Teen Records, Oxytech, Sub Woofer Records, Brachial Kontakt and Groovytech Records.

Today Juan runs his own Techno label Simplecoding Recordings, which is focused on supporting local talents in Argentina where he has now set up his home. An introduction to the Simplecoding brand is the podcast, exclusively aired on FNOOB techno radio (UK) and he writes reviews for the respected Death Techno (UK) website.

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