DT:Download | Pyramidal Decode - Widen (Juan Trujillo Remix)

DT:Download | Pyramidal Decode - Widen (Juan Trujillo Remix)

The latest DT:Download comes from Juan Trujillo in Argentina who continues to make the right impressions and cement his influence in the modern scene following appearances on labels like Noir Music, Alleanza, Counter Pulse and many others.

This download is presented as an exclusive, available only here and linked to our own DEAD CERT. Records as the next release is from Juan himself on June 13 and will feature four new remixes from our back catalogue. It will be the second instalment of the coveted Royal Mail series after Callum Plant launched it in 2016 with some exquisite new takes.

This is a never before heard remix of the Pyramidal Decode track “Widen” that begins with a raw, hypnotic vibe and atmospheric tones, sharply ascending into intensity from kinetic, pulsing energy.

> D O W N L O A D < the track exclusively from our SoundCloud page.


Q&A with Juan Trujillo

> What was the thinking behind this track and did you achieve what you set out?
I think my struggle with remixes is getting my sound or view of the track without loosing the original’s root. I don’t like making remixes that end up sounding like a totally different track. As much as I “deform” an original sample in the process, I think you must make the connection to the origin and I think I achieved that in this rework.

> What tips and advice can you share to any producers on shaping their own sound?
Speed productions…. and rest times. Try to get your idea going as fast as you can so you can portray that inspirational moment, that will help you achieve your goal sooner each time. Not overthinking and letting your intuition play its part, then you can let the rest just happen and revisit later with fresh ears.

> What is your go to track at the moment by another artist?

Temudo & Nørbak - “Battered From The Fall” [Grey Report] (2020)

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