DT:Premiere | Juan Trujillo - Receiving [Alleanza]

DT:Premiere | Juan Trujillo - Receiving [Alleanza]

Maltese imprint Alleanza readies their next release of an ever expanding archive of functional music, having featured music by many ranging from Niereich to Hans Bouffmyhre, amongst many others.

Making his debut this time around is Argentina based Juan Trujillo whose tracks can be found on the likes of Gynoid Audio, Translucent, Android Muziq and our very own DEAD CERT. Records. Also included in the package to make this EP even sweeter is a remix from heavyweight techno don Tom Hades from Belgium.

The track we selected for this DT:Premiere is the opener titled “Receiving” that runs with the communication theme and focuses on a burly beat with hypnotic pulses that create suspense as they build in ferocity. Raw and intelligent, it’s a dance floor workout with a prodigious sound that’s trippy, engaging and powerful.

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ALLE118 - Juan Trujillo - Communication EP

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