DTMIX183 - Wlderz [Paris, FRANCE]

DTMIX183 - Wlderz [Paris, FRANCE]

The Parisian duo return with a sophomore appearance on the eve of their debut album ‘Swimming In A Plastic Ocean’ that is due to land on Electric Rescue’s Skryptöm this week, following a solid production history of releases on Florian Meindl’s Flash, Emmanuel’s ARTS and Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien amongst others. This shows the pairs love for diverse style selections as they wander into realms containing abstract sounds from ambient chords to pounding, industrial influenced techno in the next instance. Tracks featured are by VIL, Kyle Geiger, Nørbak, Kaiser, Invite, Krenzlin, and many more…

Tracklist :

01. WLDERZ : kaïros [Skryptöm]
02. VIL : faca [HAYES]
03. KYLE GEIGER : insert meaningless sci-fi movie reference here [Materia]
04. JAMES BONG : anrine [Float]
05. NØRBAK : modus operandi i [Eternal Friction]
06. ARMA (DE) : red smoke [Corpus]
07. AUGUSTO TAITO : divina traición [West Rules]
08. WLDERZ : desolation [JAM]
09. KAISER : rotational inertia [K S R]
10. KESSA : blue book [Genau]
11. WLDERZ : freeze [Skryptöm]
12. TRUNKLINE : till death [OFF Recordings]
13. GIORDANO : why one is [Soma]
14. NØRBAK : modus operandi i (Pursent Remix) [Eternal Friction]
15. PRY : fry (Müzmin Remix) [Avosync]
16. KAISER : another platform [Monocode]
17. KAISER : solitude (Invite Remix) [Monocode]
18. KAISER : solitude [Monocode]
19. VIL : riad [Planet Rhythm]
20. DUELLIST : sadistic business (Krenzlin Remix) [Obscuur]
21. WLDERZ : crumbs [Skryptöm]
22. WLDERZ : merion [Skryptöm]
23. DYSPAL : broken lullaby [Skryptöm]
24. DOSEO : i kissed her a last time and i left [Lett]

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