DTMIX205 - Sarf [Ciudad Real, SPAIN]

DTMIX205 - Sarf [Ciudad Real, SPAIN]



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Sarf is the Analog Section label boss whose hypnotic and mesmerising Spanish sound is one that has seen his music released on Joton’s Newrhythmic, Soolee’s More Than Less, and Concerns Music, while he regularly can be found collaborating with Kalter Ende on their 232 Reach project. His mix is a perfect storm of enlightening atmospherics and spacey, pulsing, modular textures for the mind. Including plenty of intensity for some well-worked crescendo moments, it’s nothing short of fascinating in its entirety. Tracks featured by Amotik, Adriana Lopez, Bernardo Hangar, Farceb, Cyklos, Denise Rabe and many more…

Tracklist :

01. AMOTIK : vidroha [Acts of Rebellion]
02. AUDIO UNITS : crypt of decay [Observant]
03. VIELS : supremacies [Analog Section 007]
04. HATTORI HANZO : radiation problem [AWRY]
05. BLAZEJ MALINOWSKI : behind [Inner Tension]
06. ALEXANDER JOHANSSON : polymorphism 1 [Float]
07. AXLING : uncertainty [Eternal Friction]
08. MODERN DOOM : escape one (Adriana Lopez Remix) [MSDMNR]
09. DROP-E : regresión (Bernardo Hangar Remix) [Signal Rec]
10. DANGELO (ARG) : hydrosphere [Monark]
11. RASSER : evod [Bahn]
12. OBSTRUCTOR : sphere [Bahn]
13. LPP : oxyzacre (Farceb Remix) [Analog Section 004]
14. LINEAR SEARCH : helix [Eternal Friction]
15. BYETONE : plastic star [Raster-Noton]
16. CYKLOS : toxic environment [Bahn]
17. DENISE RABE : woven matter [Acts of Rebellion]

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