DTMIX182 - Kalter Ende [Albacete, SPAIN]

DTMIX182 - Kalter Ende [Albacete, SPAIN]



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Kalter Ende is a Spanish based artist who also runs the Concerns Music label. Known for his trippy genre bending style, his edgy sound is that of raw power, hypnotic sound sculpture, and abstract tones for the serious techno head. Having released on labels such as Abstract Division’s Dynamic Reflection, HD Substance’s SUB tl, Subsist and Labrynth, his focus is to melt your mind and that he succeeds in doing time and time again. His exclusive mix is all of the above, going off the beaten path into new realms, all the while taking you on an excursion of sound with delicate precision. Tracks featured by Oisel, Ancient Methods, Setaoc Mass, Broken English Club, Phara, Thomas Hessler, and many more…

Tracklist :

01. LOSS OF BALANCE : first contact [Rhod Records]
02. KALTER ENDE : cyclothymia [SUB tl]
03. LPP : ahora no amigo [Newrhythmic]
04. OISEL : eteronoma [Warm Up]
05. ANCIENT METHODS Feat. PRURIENT : walking on cursed soil [Ancient Methods]
06. BORDER ONE : modnar [Form and Function]
07. DOTWAV : paradoxon (Raffaele Attanasio Remix) [KONFLKT]
08. MODDULLAR : encrypt [Hayes]
09. SETAOC MASS : jenagan sivakuma [SK_Eleven]
10. BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB : funny games [L.I.E.S.]
11. POSITIVE CENTRE : isolated loop [In Silent Series]
12. RON MORELLI : laugh taker [Hospital Productions]
13. AUGUSTO TAITO : life’s worth [Subsist]
14. HD SUBSTANCE : beats and pieces 03 [SUB tl]
15. STIGMATA : paraspectral [Modular Source]
16. DEANO : irregular surface [Concerns Music]
17. NO SPIRITUAL SURRENDER : xxx [Cabrera]
18. KALTER ENDE : alonso [Rhod Records]
19. PHARA : lfo unit [Form and Function]
20. THOMAS HESSLER : 9am [Form and Function]

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